Human Resource Outsourcing

By outsourcing non-revenue producing HR functions to you will save time and money. HRO provides you with payroll solutions, employee benefits, benefits enrollment, benefits administration, recruiting, and training. Much of this can be delivered through a fully integrated, Web-based human resource management system (HRMS). The enhanced service providers offer recruiting and training at both the manager and employee level.

Some Human Resource Outsourcing service providers are:

The managers seeking to outsource human resource functions need to understand the complexity and the requirements of the work before sending it outside the agency. In addition, HR outsourcing contract terms must be flexible but include “identified outcomes and measurable performance standards”. The concerned human capital officers need to develop a solid relationship with outsourcing vendors so that problems can be resolved successfully.
The HR outsourcing has had an impact on morale among employees in agencies where it is being used extensively or is under consideration.
One federal agency examined found that “trust between agency leaders and employers can be shaken by the consideration of nontraditional staffing,"