SEO Outsourcing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process involves a series of complex processes and analysis like market surveys, web log file analysis, html code analysis, defining proper theme/layout, research into keywords, content enrichment, proper website design and ethical search engine submission to ensure the presence of your website in the search engine results pages. This process should be customized for each of the individual search engines in order to achieve these high ranking levels.

We, at, specialize in SEO outsourcing and with us you expect to enjoy atleast the following benefits at no extra costs:

  • You can concentrate on your marketing and developing Joint Venture deals and close more orders, more quickly.
  • You don't have to be bogged down with routine site management and optimization activities.
  • We are professional SEO consultants with extensive experience and are already providing direct services to clients as well as outsourcing services to reputed SEO firms.
  • Since we are based in India, the services come to you at a fraction of the cost you will incur when you recruit local talent. The savings can be up to 78%.
  • You can pay on per-site basis or on monthly retainer basis.
  • SEO services that you can outsource to us include on-page optimization of elements like title, description, keywords, alt-tags and body copy.
  • You can also outsource link-building and Pay-per-click management.
  • We will stay in touch with you through regular email and Instant messenger chat.
  • We will provide regular progress reports in your formats. We can also update suitable web pages on your web sites if you disseminate this information to your clients through your web site.
  • You can pay us by credit card or Paypal over a secure server.

We take the following path to ensure completion of the project:

  1. WEBSITE EVALUATION AND ANALYSIS: Website analysis/evaluation is the continuous process of identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices against recognized industry leaders to help your website improve its performance. It is an ongoing activity that is intended to improve performance and can be applied to all facets of operation. We first closely observe and analyze your website concentrating mainly on the domain area you specialize.
  2. COMPETITION ANALYSIS: TWe make a list of your competitors and visit their website to closely observe and analyze various techniques used by them. The properly planned strategy is implemented to various other steps required to attain top rankings and would help your website to maximize its performance in search engines.
  3. WEBSITE STUDY. After the Competition Analysis,we proceed towards analyzing your website as to how closely is it related to these previous analysis. Study the structure of your website and compare the same with that of your competitors to get an idea of how the optimization process should be. During the Website Study process, plan and design a layout for your website is made which will be implemented/designed during the optimization process to give your site a professional look and make it more search engine friendly.
  4. IDENTIFY AND DEFINING KEYWORDS. Careful research into keyword phrases is an essential step towards a successful SEO campaign. The optimization process will yield no results if the proper keyword phrases are not targeted. Since single keywords are so generic in nature and usually so competitive, it is important to research "keyword phrases" consisting of more than two keywords to optimize for on each page of the web site. The question is how to know what phrases people use when they search for information online? This is where "keyword research" tools come into picture. We use various tools to get the best possible and most frequently used keyword phrases for your website.
  5. SELECTING THE BEST KEYWORDS. After the initial keyword analysis, the keywords are collected and sent to you for your final confirmation on the keywords. You will then have to select the best keywords in the order of importance and send us the same so that pages can be optimized according to those keywords to attain maximum results.
  6. WEBSITE CONTENT ANALYSIS. In this process the we review the content of your website (All Pages). Since search engines not only consider meta tags, but also text from the body of the page for any search query, it is very important to have some text on the body of the page, which has some keywords evenly scattered on the page. This factor has a great significance in placing your website in search engines. We also ensure that the content we change will be search engine friendly retaining its original meaning. Prior permissions will be duly taken by the SEOs before implementing any major text change.
  7. DYNAMIC PAGE OPTIMIZATION. After all the hard work you come to know that your dynamic site (database driven) is still not ready to be exposed to the search engines. There are lot of search engine spiders which still do not recognize (or read) the dynamic sites as compared to the static html sites. Anything beyond the question mark (?) which commonly occurs in all the dynamic pages turn out to be aliens for these search engine spiders. There is nothing to worry about this situation. There are so many dynamic sites on the internet making good money and of course, you too can start making. We will provide you with a feasible solution for such a site retaining its originality and working within the SEO standards.
  8. RECIPROCAL LINK BUILDING. The most important aspect in today's search engine ranking algorithm is the advent of link popularity. Search engines are always developing ways to make their results more relevant. In the last couple of years, links have become increasingly more important to the engines because they see links as an endorsement of your site by other website's. This process will setup the complete link categories, link pages and configure the same with your server so that the pages reside on your server. We then request links from high quality sites (Google Page Rank 4 and greater) which are relevant or complimentary to your website for reciprocal links. This is an ongoing process which involves communication and daily maintenance.
  9. SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSION. We then categorize your website and submit manually each page of your site to various search engines like Google, Altavista (manual submission), AOL and directories like DMOZ (Netscape) etc.
  10. RE-OPTIMIZATION / MAINTENANCE & MONITORING. Your ranking in the search engines will constantly fluctuate for a variety of reasons. New sites are added and dropped from the index. You can also subscribe to our web site maintenance service, which watches your web site performance and make suitable improvements on regular basis to keep the performance at top notch levels.Once you've achieved a high ranking we need to regularly monitor your position and 'tweak' your web pages if necessary.

How to proceed for Your SEO Outsourcing?

You can provide some quick details at our SEO outsourcing service and we will get back with an offer.