Information Technology Outsourcing

Dramatic results have been observed in IT outsourcing where a cost reduction of 50-60 percent has been achieved. Lower labor costs, a plentiful and highly skilled work force, and increasing offshore capabilities by service providers in countries like India are the reasons behind this success. The following statistics may impress you:

  • In a talk on how the US will actually benefit from outsourcing rather than incur losses, Azim Premji, the chair man of Wipro, said that the US economy was projected to save about $11 billion from outsourcing to India in the current year.
    "Indian IT professionals in the US spend $1.2 billion contributing to the domestic economy there. Indian firms paid over $350 million to the US social security in 2002-03 and this amount is expected to cross $1 billion in the next few years," he said.
  • In a recent report by Inductis, to understand the magnitude of the impact on the US economy of offshore outsourcing, figures showed that 8 billion dollars was saved over the last four years.
  • The Inductis report also showed that GE which employs 18,000 workers in India has seen a total savings of 350 million dollars a year.

Impressed? If yes, then visit the websites of the following service providers:

  • 'India Software Network', a pioneer in the best practices of offshore IT outsourcing, is one place you need to stop if you are looking at offshore software outsourcing to Indian service providers.
  • RJD Solutions: RJD Solutions provides computer networking management, disaster recovery, data back-up, and IT solutions to the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area, as well as nationwide.
  • Unisys: Imagine It: Done. Unisys IT outsourcing services allow you to focus your human and capital assets on strategic goals. Visit Unisys now to learn more about IT outsourcing services.

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